Hello People: We're finally up and armed...

Well, here we are finally...a website. It took awhile but here it is. It's really a web-blog site due to the extent of my html skills or lack thereof but I really wanted to do this myself. Or at least see if I could pull it off. I've long wanted a website but wanted it to be as interactive as I could make it. So that meant something that I could myself maintain and modify whenever and wherever I happen to be.

Here you'll have (almost) instant access to me and my artwork (dependent on deadlines of course). On this part of the site you can ask me most anything you wish from what I'm currently working on to "hey, do you squid fish off San Diego?" Anything at all...so let's begin!


nyslot said...

Glad to see you haven't abandoned the internet. Will you discontinue the Wetworks blog or move it over here? I won't lie it sucks not having you on Wetworks and that has greatly hampered my interest in the book. The art has been pretty rough since you left. I wish there was a way for you to get the rights back and publish it elsewhere.

Anyways I am looking forward to following your work on this new site and hope you get use some of other drawing & painting techniques in future projects.

Kwan said...

i cant believe you guys went squid fishing after san diego and didnt invite me. im so disappointed. :-p

Whilce Portacio said...

Yeah the internet is a ready made virtual canvas for the modern artist to express himself so I don't see abandoning it ever. I just wish it were around awhile before...

About Wetworks well that's the way the cookie crumbles...tho' we are on the same wavelenght in hoping for some way to grab it back...then...

There's much I am planning out right now, this is an exciting time for me...Whilce...


1)any more "How I draw" videos ?

2)concerning the new series:
When (IF?) Wildstorm decides to publish a trade next year, please think about including the prelude storirs from Eye of the Storm annual and Coup D'Etat afterword.

3) "...about the sketchbook...

Until we can figure out how to do a website that's the e-mail (not shown) to do any business with us be it sketchbook orders, commissions, or artpages..."

have you figured out an all-in-one contact area yet ?

4)any plans for dc/ws to do more tours ?

5)what was your personal reason for shutting down avalon ?

6)ever thought of having a solo series or minis for each character especially grail ?

7)will you ever bring back stone ?

8) are the tp's for all of wetworks and stone available yet ?

if so which ones ?

9) "One of my dream projects is to draw a detailed coffee book depicting all of our(Philippino) myths and legends...

any luck ?

i think that this below needs to be re-posted, sort of a most asked questions thing :

Wetworks the relaunch of the books were going to be handled in a certain way, WW would not have to acknowledge the events that led up to the relaunch

An event (I can't tell you what that event was) would happen in a special series of books

the aftermath of that event would be explained in those books

also tell why the Wildstorm Universe got rebooted

Then the relaunch of the individual books would happen as if they were new books

Wetworks was the first book launched (which has nothing to say about the events leading up to the relaunch)

when it was always been planned to be the last book relaunched

all that will matter is if the individual books are good within themselves

this blog will show you the whole experience of creating this version of Wetworks from the beginning.

Not only how the ideas of the book itself come about but how books are spun in and out of whole Universe's like Wildstorm

Wetworks is not in its own Universe, it is part of Wildstorm

I wanted to start Wetworks as a very small quiet story, the hunt for one vampire, and evolve it into the very big picture that is Wildstorm

many just seemed to want to have an issue with what was happening

Is it still a mature readers book?


Wetworks has never been a business as usual book, we've always taken chances

For the ole fans they'll remember the confusion of just the title Wetworks, remember all the plumber jokes?

the title of this book is a common term used within society

I'm not saying this comicbook made that term popular but we dared use that name when we knew people would initially laugh, we took the chance that after reading the book people would then start to understand why this book had to be called Wetworks

what is this book ?

read it to find out, because that's the way this medium was meant to be

If you dare to be one of those that reads it I think you'll be pleasantly surprised that it wasn't what you thought it was but find out it is what it has to be...

Wetworks has the combination of so many genres that can be seen outside of the usual capes and super powers stuff

Wetworks has always been about how people deal with being super-powered, that's why the original series started out with them being men

Also with the Vampires and Werewolves, they weren't just magical beasts, they were people with a certain set of circustances that they had to live by and they dealt with it

it makes sense, because if all thses powers ever became reality our life would now be a hodge podge of genre's co-existing together whether they wanted to or not

How many preface stories were there before the new issue #1?

there were two

one dealt with the discovery of Mother-One

the other with the recruitment of Dane by the government to hunt down a new vampire

I'll soon be placing those stories in one form or another on this blog

Any chance that Joel Alonday Salvador of Pampanga being back in the new series?

Grail will be back

he is alive and well. Grail was created as an ironic figure

how does someone who is so familiar with people become the best Human killer there is?

How can someone appear to love people as much as Joel but have such a cold, dark side to him

We've never had a chance yet to explore his hidden secrets, the secrets that make him Grail

His secrets have been in my head from the beginning just waiting for the proper time

with your support there will be time this time around

oh and all of his secrets of course lie in the Philippines

that's all for now whilce hear from you soon :)

Damon_Zero said...

Hey Whilce, welcome back. Are you still planning to do a wetworks mini? If so, about when might it be released? I hope that one day you will be able to do wetworks like you envisioned it. And even though you are not on the book now writing wise, can you tell me for sure what is Ab-death? or will we still find out in the last few issues? Take care and you have a fan for life here.

(San Antonio Tx)

Whilce Portacio said...


j cruz said...

hey whilce
congrats on the launch of the website!
great to have a hub for all things portacio!
i love the pinoy image you have here! one of
your on going projects, perhaps?

can't wait for more great stuff!

jeff cruz

Whilce Portacio said...

1)Since I just finished setting up this site, next project will be videos...actually I'm trying to work out taking static images and with quick camera movements animating them to an extent...
2)They've already reassured me that it would be a complete trade...
3)The "Update" section of this site is controlled by Jo. Those that have met her know she handles all of my business...sales of artwork, commission lists, and CONvention appearances...so that is the all-in-one stop...
4)That's up to them...I haven't lived in San Diego for over a year now...
5)A diabetic coma for one week...couldn't even hold a pencil for six months after...
6)Of course, but first one would be the full story of how and why Dane killed the Blood Queen...
7)Brian and I talk about it every year...just waiting for the right time...
8)Got me there I don't keep track of that stuff...Jo might know...
9)Not had any time to get home to the Philippines, but if things come together I'll be home this December, and then I'll probably explore re-opening my old studio there again first...

Well, hope that answers that...Whilce...

Whilce Portacio said...


They've got the proposal its up to the company when they want me to do it...I'm ready...Whilce...

Ab-Death is a unique character. My instincts tell me to figure out his whole story. But two writers now Mike C. and JM Dematteis both were instantly attracted to the character's vagueness. They liked what he could represent but also that nothing about him was definite but most of all that he himself doesn't know a thing about himself...Whilce...

Whilce Portacio said...


Yeah that is a piece I was playing with for a story I'm developing for an online weekly comic. Story is pretty much there but haven't yet got the designs the way I want them. This piece is a blended pencil piece...for the actual book I might resort to a brush marker style to ensure I can do it weekly...keep tned in...Whilce...



j cruz said...

that would be so cool if you can swing that, whilce!
i know gerry has revived timawa recently. and i for one would like to see more of that type of stories. i know that there would be an audience for this, especially if the Filipino martial arts (arnis/eskrima/kali) are featured in the storyline. the effectiveness and beauty of the arts can only enhance and enrich the wild, creative strip that you've created.
bring it on, whilce
bring it on!

jeff cruz

b said...

Hi Whilce Portacio,
I've been a fan of your art work..since i was in high school, especially since you where filipino- it helped with my family here in the u.s. that maybe I could be successful in art in the usa..for some reason art was not 1# choice for filipinos-parents wanted like nursing,lawyer,doctor,business,architect..etc..
anyways..This would me so much that if you could draw a Santo Nino, I would like to tattoo it on my left deltoid..."the meaning behind it 1)It is my religion and it's what part of me being filipino..I only saw Santo Ninos in filipino homes next to virgin mary and buddha with food offerings.lolz..2)It would be an honor to have a filipino artist i admire for so long to be imprinted on me with an image that is part of me that means so much...I already have my filipino tattoo artist lined up at tattoo shop is in San Francisco, ca...if you could post up a drawing when you have time...I very much would feel blessed...Thank You, for listening,
Billy (silicon valley, ca)

zurck said...

teach me please!!!i want to be a comic artist......i'm sirk rebadulla, 21 years old,i live in somewhere in northern samar....