Merry Christmas, Whilce. Thanks for sharing your art and thoughts on blogspot!


JP said...

i'm a big fan. i wanted to put a fan page on facebook, but wanted to contact you before i did. any stuff you'd like to share on the page? i really really think they should make wetworx into a movie. put pinoys mainstream!!!

gdeo said...

a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and the Family,Whilce!!!

raymond said...

Whilce, are you attending Wondercon this Feb. 27- March 1? Let us know, we would like to meet up with you.

Raymond Virata
Filipinas Magazine


Hi Raymond,

I really want to bring Whilce to the Wondercon because I've so much inquiries when he's coming there. On his part, Whilce wants to be able to sit down with the old timers (Mang Tony DZ, Mr. Chan, Mr. Nino....) and have fun. Oh maybe next year, we'll see.

-- Jo

raymond said...

Hi Whilce, Jo,

My friend Gino from Melbourne met up with you at a recent signup. He said you are coming to the San Francisco Bay Area in May. Can you please let us know when?

Many thanks and hope to see you!

Raymond Virata
Filipinas magazine