Spawn Art Process...step 111 Layouts...

Every page of Spawn is first realized in layouts of which then long phone conversations are had going back and forth between Todd and Myself regarding composition and pacing before they are finally approved by Todd. Attached are scans of Greg's approved layouts from #191. To save time on the schedule Greg and I split the layouts for this issue. As you can see Greg has a true artist touch that even in his quick layouts you can see perfect flow and form. Not all artist including myself can so easily do such precise layouts. My layouts are just rough representations of what goes where with no real indication of poses or form. Layouts in their true essence are just to communicate composition and placement of basic forms before time and care are taken in doing the final drawings. I include Greg's layouts here so that the non-artist can readily see what these layouts are conveying, and to show Greg's real artist touch...

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emmanuel xerx javier said...

it's nice to see how you do the whole process of layout-ing... i think it's the hardest step in comicbook composition as an artist.

I'm a big fan of you po, i went thru my highschool days saving my allowance to buy "Wetworks"!. awesome characters and story you made!

I bet your spawn art works would be awesome!.
i'm an aspiring artist din so i know how difficult the work is of being a comicbook penciller... it's a tough job but someone's gotta do it!. hehehe.