Recent line drawings: Spawn

Samples of line drawings from my most recent assignment the Spawn comic book.


mjartist said...

Great stuff here!! I have a question for you. What types of pencils do you use for your traditional penciling? Mechanical?

And for your inking the same question. Brushes or dip pens and if so what kind?

I have always loved your line work...there is just something there that is elegant.

Thanks again,

Fiona Meng said...

Hello Whilce,
it's Fiona from Emerald City ComicCon. I actually have something to ask mrs. Portacio regarding WonnderCon. I'm sorry I had to post it here, because i didn't get her contact info.
She said she can help me ask the organizer of WonderCon, to see if it's possible for me to get a table this year. (It's probably not going to happen, since it's so close to the event. but i would really like to hear from her, regardless of the result. :) my email is: fionameng0213@hotmail.com
thank you very much for your time. Best wished to your beautiful and talented daughters!

fiona meng

David said...

dude please stay on spawn if humanly possible... your art fit it perfectly

jeffry patinio said...

wish they would sell comics variants in its raw form (pencils only)