End of Innocence-color sheet

End of Innocence-layout

Here's a piece I just started called "End of Innocence". I 'm really getting into liking the quickness of this process. I have some Spawn work today so will try to finish this piece in stages...

Sketched and shaded in Sketchbook Pro then background and effects in Photoshop. About a three hour job. Trying to get into the habit of sketching something everyday as warm up to actually doing work.


Unfinished digital piece I started this last Sunday. I started a couple of digital paintings this last Saturday.

Recent line sketches

These are random subject line sketches all done June 27-29. Various mediums. Some traditional pencils, most done in Sketchbook Pro then roughly painted in Photoshop. Had some off time from comics so wanted to play around doing random designs. Just trying to show various styles and approaches I take.

Comic book digital painting

These are samples of my experiments in digital painting over the years thru out my comic book career. I've always been interested in the digital medium. Some of this was done on a Sony Vaio Wacom PC, the rest done on a tablet PC. I currently go almost nowhere without my 14 inch widescreen tablet PC to draw whenever in the mood. Photoshop, Painter and Sketchbook Pro. . .

Spawn design phase

There is traditionally not much time in a comic book schedule to do designs but here are the design sketches I did in searching for a new direction for Spawn. Traditional pencil on paper.

Recent line drawings: Spawn

Samples of line drawings from my most recent assignment the Spawn comic book.