Drawing I contributed to the Calgary CON...

Thank you to now great friends Kandrix and Laurie...my family had such a wonderful time at the CON and then the vacation with friends after the CON in Banf...my girls will never forget the snow and the moose...uh, reigndeer...I advise everyone to go to this CON and to this wonderful town and become friends with Kandrix the promoter and his beautiful wife Laurie the artist my girls love...cheers....Whilce...


Xavi Cristóbal said...

Hello. I am called Xavier Christobal and I am employed at Barcelona as animator 2D / 3D and journalist of cinema, television, video games and Internet. I am having just filmed the short-movie "Prodigy-man" (http://prodigy-man.blogspot.com/ ). In the sequence of the credit titles I want to put drawings of the superhero Prodigy-man, realized by different artists. You are one of my favorite artists and I want to ask for a disinterested collaboration you for this one short-movie. For my it would be an honor to have a small drawing in this short-movie that is an honoring to all the artists who are employed at the industry of the comic-books of superheroes. The offer is a drawing, in color or in black and white, of Prodigy-man. The measures of the drawing should be 720 x 576 pixels and a resolution of 72 píxels. The drawing you can send it to this address: xavicristobal@gmail.com.

Thank you very much.

Xavier Cristóbal

Bakatron said...

ive always found you the hardest artist to understand. the way you construct objects is mindboggling. normally you can easily pinpoint influences in a persons work - with you its just mind boggling and amazing.


robert said...

thanks for those tutorial videos, are just great!
a greeting from Mexico.
I´ve seen your work a lot of time ago since unxmen.
i have some troubles in body proportions.
what do you advice me?

in what i read in your blog, that´s why Lenin´s drawing seems like your work!

suedemonkey said...

i completely agree with bakatron! amazing stuff! i can remember the time when you came over to the philippines and promoted your book stone! i was excited as hell waiting for that book. but sad to say, didnt really got the chance to but it. comic books are very rare here in cebu city! but your art still rocks! salamat kabayan!


Thanks to all of you guys!

-- Whilce