I've been getting lots of interest in opening up a school again...we're still mulling it over...most likely it'll be an online school but how that would actually work is a big question. I have to say that especially after seeing all of the aspiring artist in Sydney my juices have got flowing again to want to help young artist out again...

My original school in the Philippines where Gerry Alanguilan and Leinil Yu came from the guys all lived and worked in my house there. I don't think we can do that again. Then I moved the school to a major mall in Manila called Megamall, that was great, a place for a hundred artist to hang out in. I'm not sure we could do something like that again here in California.

So before we go further with anything official I'd like to open this up to comments from you guys about what you would expect and desire in an online school, actually I should really say a tutorship. What do you want to see?...Whilce...


Gerry Alanguilan said...

Hello Whilce! Whatever you decide, I think it would be great if you manage to write a book.

I was thinking of doing one myself after a few weeks of teaching comics illustration at Benilde. I think I can do it for only one term because it really takes too much time.

adelso said...

I agree with Gerry 100%. A book written by you would be awesome!! .
I'm an aspiring penciller but am actually doing quite a bit of inking professionally over Marat Mychaels (from Extreme Studios) so anyway i'm a huge,huge fan of yours and would love to learn from you or at least read a book on art written by Whilce Portacio. I vote yes for an online tutorship!!


hi again "navy brat",

like i said in my last post:

1) something reasonaly priced since i'm a minimum wager

2) i suggest hook up with bobby chiu, alberto ruiz and stephen silver at schoolism.com

its already there for you

just join in

but if you plan on doing your own, i suggest ask them some q's

as always a book would be great too or a dvd

a cross between gnomon and haberlin's dvds, but not too costly

for me its either buy the dvd or buy your comic, so i have to choose

if its an online tutorship then that means forefitting a lot of cool shtuff

me i prefer a dvd or a website with videos like on youtube, a more book/online and over-the-shoulder teaching method

if it helps ask me some q's or post a list of questions for us to answer

hi to gerry :)

Wayne Nichols said...


A book would be great and an online school type community where the students could interact with you and each other would be totally cool.

Ive gotta say though, it'd be great to see another real life school under your tutelage to help produce the leinil yu's and david yardins of the future.


Anonymous said...

As a guy that goes to cons and gets pushed through like cattle I would like annotated portfolio reviews. Maybe you post a script and give a detailed review for say $100.

As far as a school goes... I would say anything over $500 you might as well go to an art college. $500 for a six week online course sounds about right.

J.Elliott-Coleman said...

Bring it on, man. Any opportunity to learn from a great.

Wouldn't mind a nice 150+ page book as well:)

J.Elliott-Coleman said...

Or even better, a series of DVD's showing your working method. It's one thing to see the finished product, but it's another thing entirely to see the artist at work.

danielpicci said...

hi whilce!
unfortunately i missed you last time you came to sydney and didnt get to chat to you.

i personally would love if you started a school again. i would even fly to the philippines to learn (maybe depending on costs ;)). i really have dedicated myself to learning but its hard teaching myself and would think a hands on approach with a teacher would allow me to hit a professional level - with the effort of course.
unfortunately there is nothing here in australia to help me learn and any type of course should you choose to do one would be very beneficial.