Thank You Supanova...

Just arrived back from Sydney and what a great time it was. Tho' I am sick with the flu (got it the last night there) all in all it was a great experience.

Sydney is a wonderful city, a modern city with great food and very easy to get around. On the first day we toured the city and got to Paddy's market for some quick shopping all by our lonesome. Buy a day ticket for the monorail and you can get anywhere in town you need to get all day long.

Interesting note...because they cannot have the "King" being associated with burgers the restaurant chain named Burger King is changed to "Hungry Jacks". No association at all but admittedly an Aussie sounding sorta name...no didn't try any of their burgers so can't report on whether it taste the same...

On the flight over (14 hours) got a silver can of diet Coke that read Coke in Chinese and had the olympic symbol on it...wow early advertising...oh and by the way it had the old fashion flip and pull little lid that comes completely off not like the ones we have been using here in the States for years that flip under the top lid. Got to watch four free movies so had something to pass the time...oh also found time to do five CON sketches too.

All the people with the Supanova were great Daniel, Felicity, Missy, and Glen. We were all well taken care of taking a bus to and from the convention (forty minutes one way) so much so that tho' Jo and I left early (can't stay away from our kids) when we left all the guest were planning a tour of the city together.

Got to spend important time going over various things with Brandon Perterson again. For the first time met and enjoyed Marv Wolfman's stories. There were a few actors including Flash Gordon Sam Jones (didn't meet him but our driver says he was a fun guy with lots of stories) and Nikki Clyne from Battlestar Galactica (feel bad 'coz I didn't recognize her at first tho' am a fan of the show, really pretty in person and seemed to be real down to earth)...oh and also the ever vivacious Fat Momma (Didn't meet her, don't watch the show, but on the bus she had the most fantastic stories and seemed like a very caring person) from Stan Lee's superhero search. Alot of voice actors too I think one was from Naruto a show my kids watch and oh of course it was cool seeing Bruce Spence from the Mad Max movies, his hair was short cut but his eyes still have that wild energy...

There was no wi-fi in the city so wasn't able to keep to my plan of blogging from Australia. Tho' now I've just got a new tablet PC (arrived while I was away) so will equip it for continuous data service before my next trip. Also need to retire my trusty 8125 phone for a new slide keyboard phone with a much better camera for photo blogging. I actually did alot of writing on that phone but the camera is horrible...

I had two panels at the CON and I talked a little bit about wanting to start an online school. There were many aspiring artist at the CON and I felt that urge to teach again so keep your eyes and ears open for news about that in the future...



hi whilce,

glad u had a good trip, too bad about the flu

so no royale with cheese? :)

yup, brando! and marv rule

online school! great idea

hey if its free i'll be there
or if its reasonably priced

i'm a minimum wager, ya know dem bills

i know bobby chiu, alberto ruiz and stephen silver (my buds)have one called


ya know it might be a good idea if you just join up with them since they already have one going

sound like a plan?

if you do tell them i sent you :)

btw i'm still bummed about not being able to hang out with you at the fil-am-fest

its not like SDCC where i have other things to do


j cruz said...

welcome home whilce!
aussie sounds like a lot o fun.
but that thing about not having the word king in restaurants is a new one for me. is there a reason for that?

the online school would be great! you can have vid clips of specific techniques or how to approach a page or just even a day at work with you.

hope you feel better

jeff cruz

ps. another thing came to mind talking about that king deal, totally off topic though:
did water flushed down under go counter clockwise?
there was a old simpson episode where lisa mentioned that i believe. fact or fiction : O D?


ya know that's true about the water thing

and a day-in-the-life vids would be cool too

David Yardin said...

Actually the reason we have Hungry Jack's here, has nothing to do with associating the burgers with royalty.

When Burger King was first franchised out here, the name was already trademarked by a small takeaway food store, so they had to trade under another name. They ended up using another trademarked name Burger King's company owned "Hungry Jack" (the franchisee was also named Jack Cowin), and added an "'s" on the end.

Burger King actually opened up some stores out here under the "Burger King" name, a few years back. Of course there was a legal dispute between Hungry Jack's and Burger King (the restaurants and menus were pretty much identical except for the name), and Hungry Jack's ended up winning the case.

So Burger King was forced to pay up a large sum of money to Hungry Jack's, and in the end Hungry Jack's actually took over all the new BK stores and renamed them.

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