Summer CON's...

Summer CONS are a thing of the past, here is a montage of commissions I did over this CON season...thanx for the support people...Whilce...


syrtheone said...

Love this montage,your iceman, archangel and storm were always the best; ahh, memories.

yours days on xfactor and x-men where my favorite (wetworks too!!). Your art seemed more refined then. a good example was when angel got mad at mystic for immitating him and he got mad and destroyed the bathroom in the mansion disobeying xavier. Your faces and shading where different; your work now is different not better. Though i can se you are probably having more fun now.

still I like the earlier stuff more.

I watched the Wizard World Chicago interview with you talking about what DC characters you would like to work on; flash would be cool for you to draw for sure.


l'd have to say that i liked your x-factor issues the most

there was this kind of japanese style goin'

now it's more like a frank miller type of style now

but i do like it all whilce

and that bats rocks, keep that up

i'm glad your not a one-trick pony :)